TurboTax Free

If you want to file taxes on the Internet without spending a penny, consider using TurboTax Free – a famous software with a ton of features. It is a perfect solution for all those who want to file taxes at the comfort of their home or office. This is irrespective of whether you are a business owner, a professional, or a self-employed person. The TurboTax Free version allows each user to file simple tax returns and 1040EZ forms for filing as a single or married couple, with no dependents. However, with the increasing complexity of the return, you will need a paid version to utilize the vast array of features TurboTax Free offers.

TurboTax Free

One more appreciable feature of this online free application is its all-time customer support. This is very important when you face a problem. In this situation, the customer support is available in form of a chat session where an online agent will help you. Alternatively, you can also call the customer support agent. Further, you can also access an online community where you can get answers to your questions and solutions to your problems just be posting the issues. A great advantage of having this forum is that you can look for the postings of other people whose concerns might be the same as yours. Doing so will let you know about the suggested solutions that they have received via their posts.

Steps to Access TurboTax Free

For accessing TurboTax Free, you need to visit the TurboTax Web site where you must first sign in for making an account. Only a single step and you are ready to file your returns. You need not have to be a computer or technical expert, as the application’s interface is quite easy to follow. This is mainly because it implements a systematic procedure that makes you browse each section of the return in easy steps. In each section, the questions are easy to comprehend, as the explanation exists for each tax related terminologies. Once you go through this process, you will know that TurboTax Free offers a distinct feature of importing information related to your tax, which largely alleviates your effort for entering the data. Once you enter all the information, you will see the finish/conclusion page where you can see the refund amount. Now, you will have the option to go ahead for filing the returns or saving it for filing it later. Although federal filing will cost you nothing, its combination with the state return will make you pay because of the addition of the latter.

Other Features of TurboTax Free

Another feature of TurboTax Free is a refund via a bank product. For instance, if a state tax return is of $500, you can pay the fee of the TurboTax Free by selecting a bank product, which means you do not have to pay anything bluntly. However, a bank product selection carries the processing and handling charges by the bank. This means that the fees cutting from the refund will include the fees of both the application and the bank, while the rest of the amount will come to you via check, prepaid Visa card, and direct deposit. Overall, TurboTax Free ensures accurate calculation, compensations for any kinds of error, smart scans for mistake checking, and most importantly – safe transactions.